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On-Demand Education Webinar Trainings

Get expert guidance on navigating challenges, including pandemic-related issues, in your district with
these popular on-demand webinars — available as MP4 downloads or discs!

Success in today's world of remote or virtual instruction, communication and management requires significant change in culture, expectations and resources — and technology must lead the way. Get equipped to drive transformation by learning strategies to change the instruction and management culture to embrace remote operations.

After navigating uncharted IDEA issues created by extended school closure, your district faces the next challenge: transitioning back to in-person instruction for students with disabilities during the 2020-21 school year. School law attorney Terry Harmon dissects key concerns, from determining ESY and compensatory services, to resuming evaluations, updating IEPs, and more — giving you strategies to remain compliant as you address emerging issues.

Even during school closure, districts are required to ensure that students with disabilities receive FAPE. Don't let IDEA or Section 504 concerns hinder your efforts to continue serving your students. School law attorney Betsey Helfrich explains the legal issues to consider when implementing virtual learning for students with disabilities. You get a close look at relevant IDEA and Section 504 requirements, as well as federal guidance regarding school closures. Even better, you gain best practices for maintaining compliance with it all.

Avoid lost educational opportunities for students — and costly compliance missteps that lead to legal disputes — with guidance from attorney Terry J. Harmon. He uses critical case decisions and U.S. Education Department guidance to illustrate best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid when conducting manifestation determination reviews. You get sound strategies for disciplining students with disabilities under the IDEA, including a focused look at addressing issues related to dangerous students.

What are your district's child find obligations during the COVID-19 pandemic? Get 90 minutes of guidance from school attorney Cynthia Baasten, as she explains how IDEA mandates apply in these unprecedented times — and then gives you sound recommendations to guide decision-making throughout the 2020-21 school year as COVID-19 issues continue.

How do you know which related services a student needs? How should those services be documented? From counseling to transportation, learn the when and how of compliance. Attorney Nina Gupta clarifies what related services are, shares lessons from case law, and provides practical tips to help staff meet IDEA requirements for delivering the individualized related services students need to receive FAPE.

The IDEA's myriad legal mandates regarding the provision of prior written notice make compliance challenging and confusing. Attorney Dianna Bowen breaks it all down, giving you a solid understanding of the procedural requirements and practical guidance to ensure every PWN is Appropriate, Beneficial and Comprehensive enough to create a clear record of the district's offer of FAPE.



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